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Speakers Australia and its principal Peter Physick have provided the most convenient and professional service we have encountered.

In over 25 years of our Institute providing members with current, thought provoking and topical issue speakers for our conferences and forums, we have come to rely on the outstanding judgement of Peter and Speakers Australia.

Whether it be entertainers for a broad audience or the most challenging conference topic, Speakers Australia has never failed to deliver. We at the AMInstitute are faced with the dilemma of providing our delegates at conferences with new and exciting presenters year after year and as many of our delegates attend each year, we need presenters and entertainers with new and fresh material.

This challenge has been made obsolete by Speakers Australia as they have taken the time to know our business, our target audience and our history………

Sonya Maloney
Executive Manager Administration
AMInstitute Ltd

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We at the East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club take great pride in entertaining, rewarding and acknowledging our sponsors, members and supporters. Our luncheons are renowned for their quality, in particular that of the speakers and entertainers we secure.

Speakers Australia is the only company we turn to for advice and service in this key field.
Anthony Dignan
General Manager

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The service we received from Speakers Australia has been exemplary from the beginning. Peter Physick and his team worked very hard to ensure that Keith Scott was available to MC our event under what could be described as challenging logistical circumstances given the time constraints we were faced with.

We would highly recommend Peter and his company Speakers Australia.
David Carter / AgriPlex Group Pty Ltd

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Peter Physick at Speakers Australia since the year 2000 and have never been let down by his recommendations. I tell Peter the type of speaker or act that we require and he supplies a number of names and CV's of the speakers or acts which fit our requirements. It is as simple as that.

Peter’s professional attitude and friendly manner makes it an absolute pleasure to deal with him. I can not recommend him highly enough to any one or to an organisation which needs help in arranging, organising or advising on the best fit for their special event.

David Tuxford
Conference Organiser
NSW Local Government Professionals

Presenter Profile
Ann Andrews CSP
Topics:   Leadership, Motivation, Franchise, Team, Business, Human Resources
Travels ex:   Auckland, NZ
Based:   Auckland, NZ
Type:   Speaker, Trainer, Consultant
Style:   Humourous, Interactive, Brilliant, Engaging, Memorable, Thought Provoking, Enthusiastic, High Energy, Warm, Lively, Thorough, Content Rich
Fee range:   Less than $5,000 + GST
Video:   View video


Ann is a hands-on HR Consultant and has real life case studies, she tackles the hard core human resources issues in a fun way that doesn’t threaten anyone but gives them tips and techniques to try in the real world.

Ann Andrews is a Past National President of the National Speakers” Association of NZ; was Speaker of the Year’ in 2000; achieved her CSP designation in 2003 (one of only 4 CSPs in NZ) and was a finalist in the NSANZ Business Person of the Year 2006. Ann speaks regularly at conferences in NZ. She has also spoken in Singapore, London, Australia and Belgium.

Ann is known for her hilarious, interactive and thought provoking style, and is much in demand because she is not afraid to tackle some of the harder issues that face businesses today.

The author of four books - Shift Your But, Finding the Square Root of a Banana, Did I Really Employ You? and recently released - My Dear Franchisees, she is also a  contributor to ‘You Don’t Make a Big Leap without a Gulp’ by Becksford & Fitzsimons; Best of the Best – NZ Entrepreneurs; The Power of More Than One; The A-Z of Interview Questions and recently released – Mum’s the Word.

Alongside being a conference presenter, for the past 15+ years, Ann has worked as an independent Team Consultant to some of the largest organisations in NZ, showing them how to set up high performing teams and achieve results they had only dreamed of. 


  • Turning Whinging, Whining Groups into High Performing Teams
  • Motivating the Late, the Lazy and the Terminally Uninspired
  • Bully For You
  • My Dear Franchisees


  • I know I’m here to do something great; just wish I could work out what it is (Finding your passion – great for Women’s Conferences)
  • Boiled Frogs and Faulty Guillotines (The need to constantly look for new ways to do things in business)
  • I’m still standing (persistence and overcoming perceived failure or turning bad situations into positive outcomes)



The delegates made the following comments about your session:

• "Fantastic - realistic, clear, concise, motivator"

• "Content difference - fresh and realistic"

• "Excellent - very logical"

• "Fantastic speaker - great way to start the day"

We look forward to working with you again in the future.
7th Annual Exectutive/Management Assistant Conference

"Your warm open approach set us at ease and enabled me to slowly comprehend my possibilities. I re read your handout in the booklet today and felt a sense of empowerment. Your words rang true... I also looked again at your ‘Shift your BUT’ cards. Wow you were right. My cards were meant for me! ‘It may work in XYZ industry etc’ was exactly what I’d been hearing for years and I had adopted that saying when negative about new procedures. Then to realise that my ‘Finding the square root of the banana’ card was by a person that I admire (Peter Blake) but also that it was telling me to stop giving in to others and stand up for what I believe in, especially at work, gave me the kick in the butt I needed to empower myself to persist with my ideas." 

"Thank you so much for your fab training the other day – the team raved about it after and thought you had a lovely presenting style. Thank you and well done."

"Ann’s experience as a Franchisor was incredibly enlightening for us all. She provided an informative and powerful message to our Franchisees during her session at the conference. The feedback from our Franchisees was extremely positive and they unanimously asked for her to speak again at our next conference."
Distribution International

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Today’s business team is a complex mix of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y; different working styles, different agendas and a host of different cultures. Unless employees understand how to:

  • Get past the various differences;
  • Turn conflict into healthy solutions
  • Play to each other’s strengths rather than highlight weakness
  • A team/department/organisation’s bottom line will absolutely be affected, but so could it’s very survival.
  • Great businesses are about great people and great teams and a healthy understanding of what makes people tick.


The old style of management was autocratic, instructions were barked, little credit was given and mistakes were harshly penalised. We have come a long way since those days -  now we have managers who are trying hard to involve and encourage their people.  And still business results can be marginal.

The aim of this keynote is to take an audience through:

  • The difference between parent/child organisations and adult/adult organisation.
  • A simple three step process designed to rid a team of blame, avoidance of responsibility and pass the buck attitudes.


The word ‘bully’ is being bandied around organisations with little constraint. Managers are becoming fearful of the label. Organisations that do have a bully in their midst don’t always know how to deal with the situation.
This keynote will take an audience through understanding:

  • The difference between a weirdo and a tough manager
  • The difference between harassment and bullying
  • What to do as an employee if you believe you are being bullied
  • What to do as an organisation to ensure bullying is eradicated


As an ex franchisor Ann knows only too well the challenges and complexities of the franchisor/franchisee relationship.  This very funny keynote explores:

  • What a franchise is – what it isn’t
  • What a franchisee thinks they have bought, and what they have really bought
  • What the franchisor’s role is, and what it isn’t
  • What the franchisee can do with the system – and what they can’t
  • How both parties can stay sane and out of prison for grievous bodily harm, during their relationship

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