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Speakers Australia and its principal Peter Physick have provided the most convenient and professional service we have encountered.

In over 25 years of our Institute providing members with current, thought provoking and topical issue speakers for our conferences and forums, we have come to rely on the outstanding judgement of Peter and Speakers Australia.

Whether it be entertainers for a broad audience or the most challenging conference topic, Speakers Australia has never failed to deliver. We at the AMInstitute are faced with the dilemma of providing our delegates at conferences with new and exciting presenters year after year and as many of our delegates attend each year, we need presenters and entertainers with new and fresh material.

This challenge has been made obsolete by Speakers Australia as they have taken the time to know our business, our target audience and our history………

Sonya Maloney
Executive Manager Administration
AMInstitute Ltd

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We at the East Coast Eagles AFL Football Club take great pride in entertaining, rewarding and acknowledging our sponsors, members and supporters. Our luncheons are renowned for their quality, in particular that of the speakers and entertainers we secure.

Speakers Australia is the only company we turn to for advice and service in this key field.
Anthony Dignan
General Manager

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The service we received from Speakers Australia has been exemplary from the beginning. Peter Physick and his team worked very hard to ensure that Keith Scott was available to MC our event under what could be described as challenging logistical circumstances given the time constraints we were faced with.

We would highly recommend Peter and his company Speakers Australia.
David Carter / AgriPlex Group Pty Ltd

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Peter Physick at Speakers Australia since the year 2000 and have never been let down by his recommendations. I tell Peter the type of speaker or act that we require and he supplies a number of names and CV's of the speakers or acts which fit our requirements. It is as simple as that.

Peter’s professional attitude and friendly manner makes it an absolute pleasure to deal with him. I can not recommend him highly enough to any one or to an organisation which needs help in arranging, organising or advising on the best fit for their special event.

David Tuxford
Conference Organiser
NSW Local Government Professionals

Presenter Profile
Sean Taylor
Topics:   MC, Business, Inspiration, Comedy, Communication, After Dinner, Creative Thinking, Branding, Humour, Magic, Entertainment, Dynamic Thinking, Mind Reading
Travels ex:   Sydney
Based:   NSW
Type:   MC, Entertainer
Style:   Humourous, Interactive, Brilliant, Motivating, Charismatic, Creative, Memorable, Fun, Warm, Witty, Clean, Empowering, Unique
Fee range:   Less than $5,000 + GST
Video:   View video

Client List
The Corporate Mind Reader ...

Sean Taylor is a truly amazing performer. His Mind reading presentations are a unique combination of wit, intuition, audience interaction and psychology. He claims not to be psychic, but you be the judge.

Sean is widely recognised as one of Australia's top corporate entertainers. His razor sharp wit, hilarious audience management and cheeky British humour, make him a natural for the corporate environment.  Beginning his career in the UK, he toured with young talent shows around the country in the early eighties. Soon after, he began tackling the university and corporate market in his home town of Cambridge. The corporate shows suited his marketing and management development background and he soon adapted this as his permanent niche.
Sean has been a professional magician and mind reader for over 25 years, more than half that time within Australia. His work has taken him to more than 15 countries around the globe including guest performances at the World Magic Championships in Holland, The Monte Carlo Casino and London's famous Magic Circle. He has also made more than 20 TV appearances and has even read minds LIVE on Radio. 
He is widely respected among his peers and has been asked many times to lecture around the world on his innovative techniques.  He is the author of several books and is well known as a creative force within the highly secretive magic fraternity. In Australia he is respected as a force among magicians and, when not performing, he works hard to help develop the work of others within his field. 
In Australia Sean's work takes him regularly the length and breadth of the country and often into Asia and New Zealand. He frequently tours with specially tailored presentations taking in every state capital for his corporate clients. Sean believes in working closely with his client to deliver a special presentation each time which is not only suited to the target audience but conveys something of the client company's wisdom or corporate message. His shows will frequently involve slogans, advertising materials or even the actual product, which he can use in interesting ways to create uniquely different yet totally mind blowing effects. 
Event Managers, Party and Meeting Planners, Sales and Marketing Managers and Senior Executives repeatedly select Sean to anchor a successful event. Trade Shows, Conferences, Sales Meetings, Dinners, Seminars, Product Launches, Hospitality Suites, Training Days, Golf Days and Conventions are all ideal targets for his special brand of presentation. Sean has launched and promoted more than 200 different products from mobile phones to pharmaceuticals, cars to razors, chocolates to software and printers to footwear. 
Companies such as Fuji Xerox, BAT, Singletons, Qantas, NAB, Roche, Toshiba, Lindt, 3M, Baxter Healthcare, SKB, Ricoh, Core and Zenith are just a few of his recent clients who have delighted in his tailored presentations.  
                                                              He knows what you're thinking...........
                                                                No, really, he does .....  it's his job!


Some quick snippets of client comments...

"Thank you for the amazing contribution you made to our head office Christmas party last night."

"I will thoroughly recommend you …."

"Your scripting and magic was creative and innovative..."

“We had a great night with Sean. He was a big hit.  He came over as a very down to earth guy and very clever.  His magic tricks were great but his mind reading show was something else”.

"You more than satisfied my expectations….."

"The feedback we received regarding your professional presentation definitely added to the success of our launch...."

"Thank you for a fantastic night's entertainment....."

"I've seen so many magicians and they're great but you know it's a trick, with you it's real and I love that......"

Client Quotes ……

"Sean, I have now booked you twice in the past six months and on both occasions you have perplexed and entertained the audience with your remarkable abilities. You provide excellent value and if I meet anyone looking for an entertainer who can both amuse and captivate an audience I will thoroughly recommend you."
M.H. General Manager - State Rail

"Thank you very much for your work at the recent GP conference. The three Roche stands greatly appreciated your magnificent efforts at drawing crowds repeatedly to our exhibitions. It was strongly felt that your acts worked extremely well in attracting the doctors to our exhibits."
KMW - Roche 

"Thank you for the amazing contribution you made to our head office Christmas party last night. We've had many parties over the past 30 years. The word coming to me is that last night's was the most enjoyable ever. The venue and food were great but it was your entertainment that really made the night. Your easy going and friendly disposition immediately relaxed our people and everyone was in a happy frame of mind from the beginning. I must honestly say you had the perfect blend of comedy and magic. Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution." 
RL - Managing Director - Cue Design

"I would like to thank you for the great job you did at our colour launch in Sydney. Your scripting and magic was creative and innovative and really helped put the message across. It can be hard to stop traffic flow and you met the demands with ease. The feedback we received regarding your professional presentation definitely added to the success of our launch."
PC - PA - Marketing Director - Ricoh

"Sean - Thank you for a fantastic night's entertainment, you more than satisfied my expectations. Everybody I spoke to could not believe the performance, you will get very good recommendations from me and everyone at Kleenheat."  
MG - Operations Manager. 

"Your show has been the talk of the town in the last week.....I’ve been recommending you to all and sundry all week!"
RP - Aussie Home Loans

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Client List

This is a partial list of Sean's clients, but after 20 years the full list is much, much longer.....

Gillette, Fuji Xerox, Baxter, Roche, 3M, Philips, Lindt, Teachers Credit Union, Macquarie Bank, National Australia Bank, Vodaphone, Optus, British American Tobacco, ASX, Reuters, Baker Mackenzie, Bosch, Qantas, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia, Syntex Laboratories, Merck, Sharp and Dohme, General Motors, Motorola, IBM, Singleton Ogilvy Mather, World Bridge Championships, MMI, Harvey Norman, Zenith, Core Solutions, LG, Westinghouse, Zip, NZ National Soccer Team, World Conference on Renal Medicine, World Conference on Investment Banking, World Conference for Ophthalmologists, Australian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Funeral Director's Institute (yes really!). 

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Sean Taylor is a master performer and key note speaker with over 20 years’ experience of high class corporate entertainment in more than a dozen countries. His powerful and dynamic presentations create a memorable experience for your customers, staff or colleagues.

Sean creates professional presentations which can communicate your corporate message, introduce new ideas and slogans or even include your actual products. He performs and corporate functions, sales meetings, training days, customer and promotional events, trade fairs and of course, all kinds of social events.

Imagine an experience half way between the crazy world of the comic magician and the skill of the Stage Hypnotist and you'll begin to understand the habitat of the Corporate Mind Reader.  Simple thoughts are recreated with unerring accuracy, numbers, names, dates, words and, by the end the show full sentences and even drawings can be duplicated in a seemingly inexplicable manner. Lightning memory and number demonstrations serve to show how easy it is to untap these little known tricks of the human mind. This is an experience you won’t want to miss.

THE SHOW….What is mind reading?

It is exactly as it sounds...although we prefer to call it 'thought reading'. If it was possible to read everything in your minds, then Sean would probably be working for the government! The mind reading show begins with some simple but comical warm up exercises for the audience to allow Sean to size them up and get a feel for those who will be most able to communicate their inner thoughts.

It's funny and interactive right from the get go!
Then the fun begins, first numbers, then dates and simple shapes are merely thought of but somehow Sean reveals them instantly. Words are chosen at random from popular and even borrowed books and again he nails them every time. Groups of audience members are allowed to lie or tell the truth but Sean can tell the liars with a degree of accuracy even the FBI would be proud of.  Pictures drawn by audience members are sealed in envelopes and are recreated with remarkable accuracy. Finally, a single audience member is allowed to call the shots in a remarkable display of one on one mind reading.

Are people actually hypnotised?

No, they are not. The process is aided by relaxation and focus but this is no more than you might do on a tricky crossword puzzle or on the squash court. The show is easier if people remain sober but that's the only real requirement! 

Is it all a bit heavy?

Actually no, it’s hilarious. Wait until you see your colleagues trying to draw pictures, focus on words, and pass a lie detector test. Sean is often billed as a corporate comedian, a label he's not really keen on since he believes it’s the audience who make it funny as he's merely the catalyst. It is fair to say that his razor sharp wit and uncanny English way of pointing out the ridiculous make it all a bit of a lark.  

So how does it work?

Well we're not going to tell you but what we will say is that Sean uses a range of little known mind techniques to create the impression of true mind reading. Back in the 80's he worked for many years in the recruitment business and with interviewing executives at the rate of six or seven a day, he finally realised that he could accurately predict the answers to most of the simple questions. This formed the basis of the technique he uses today. Naturally there are elements of body language, NLP, simple mind control techniques and pure perception which, when combined, leave a very powerful impression on your audience. Add to this some presentations tailored to your company and you'll see that it's a powerful business tool as well.

Where does Sean work?

Sean is based in Sydney but a good proportion of his work is interstate and overseas. Unlike a magician, the act requires no special equipment and so it can travel anywhere. These past two years he has been involved in four or five national promotional campaigns which have involved presentations in every state capital in Australia and also in Auckland.

What is the duration of the show?

Typically presentations last 45-60 minutes depending on the schedule of the event but equally a short sharp 15-30 minute tailored performance could be added to a product launch.

How big could the audience be?

The show can be tailored to suit all groups. 30 - 40 is realistically the minimum size and Sean has worked for crowds up to 850 in cruise ship showrooms around the South Pacific. The level of interaction of this style of entertainment means that even with a bigger crowd it seems somehow very personal.

How is he able to work in the product or message?

Sean prefers to meet with you prior to the engagement to discuss your requirements, learn more about the ethos of the organisation and work out how best to make the audience feel that this is presentation is for them alone.  

What are the technical requirements?

Public Address system. Sean requires a Shure quality lavaliere or lapel microphone (or headset) and a separate handheld radio mic with sufficient quality PA for the size of the audience. (A PA is necessary even for the smallest crowds in most settings.)  Sean will provide his own music which can be connected to the system provided and controlled remotely by him during the performance. A house system is, in most cases, insufficient. The audience must hear the instructions clearly every time and without distraction. (Within Sydney he is able to provide his own PA in most circumstances.)


Sean has limited special lighting requirements other than the fact that he must be able to see the audience clearly at certain times during the performance. This may require house lighting and a competent lighting controller. A technical rehearsal earlier in the day is essential for most events, so access to the performance room is important.


Again the requirements are limited but as this is an intimate style of entertainment, Sean must be able to communicate with individual audience members regularly throughout the show. There are often as many as 5 or 6 people on the stage at any one time so this should be considered when setting the performing area. Playing across a dance floor will make the show almost impossible. We are happy to provide a diagram of suggested layouts if you have any doubt.


Fuji Xerox was working on a large scale national roadshow to showcase its new range of printers to the commercial print industry. The theme of the event was to be Special FX, so who better to add some effects than a mind reading magician. The presentation called for a different kind of act since it was to be seen by 300 - 500 potential customers from a variety of businesses in each state. The capital investment in this kind of equipment is considerable and rather than taking the focus away from the product it was essential that it be at the forefront of the presentation.

Corporate Mind Reader and Magician Sean Taylor was called in to assist and, working closely with the client, he created a unique stage show which not only followed carefully the theme of the event but also incorporated the product. Warm up exercises incorporating a colour theme conditioned the audiences by showing them that what you see with your eyes, and what your mind thinks you see, are not always the same thing. 

Volunteers were called to the stage to 'proof read' books and documents and somehow Sean knew exactly which words they had read and even drew pictures they had merely thought of. Finally a Docucolour 8000 was unveiled and one lucky participant was asked to merely think of a single image chosen from more than 50. Remarkably after just a few seconds the very image emerged from the machine.

The show created an astonishing and fun introduction to the main sales presentation.
In addition to the stage presentation, Sean was able to provide a team of strolling magicians across Australia to meet with the clients as they arrived and create an atmosphere of curiosity by showing them sleight of hand magic at remarkably close quarters. This magic again was tailored to the theme.

Finally each attendee at the events was provided with an executive magic kit to allow them to create some special effects of their own. These kits were specially designed, each was personalised and included a book of magic tricks penned by Sean.

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